Lisa Bonet is a successful actress who first got her start on “The Cosby Show”. Sh starred in the television series as a child, but did not get her chance in show business until she had been involved in beauty pageants as a child.

In the Beginning

Lisa Bonet was born on November 16, 1967 in San Francisco, California. Her father was Allen Bonet who was an opera singer, and her mother Arlene Joyce who worked as a teacher. She lived in Los Angeles and New York for the majority of her childhood. She did attend Reseda High School and even Celluloid Actor’s Studio.

While she was still young her parents got divorced. At this point is when her acting career began to pick up. When she was eleven she began to act in a couple of commercials. When she was sixteen she was able to land the role of Denise Huxtable for the comedy series The Cosby Show in 1984. It was her stint on the show which helped her to become a highly popular actress.

Lisa Bonet eventually left the show and starred in its spin off series called A Different World. The series was about the college life of Denise Huxtable. The same year she was able to get the role for Epiphany Proud in the movie Angel Heart.

Career Accomplishments

Lisa Bonet started her career early in life when got her role on The Cosby Show. She became so popular that she even starred in its spin off series called A Different World. The same year the series started, she was able to get a role in the movie Angel Heart. Soon after, she went back to A Different World.  During the course of the series she became pregnant, and was fired from the show in 1991.

Most Known For

Lisa Bonet is still recognized for her time on The Cosby Show. However, she’s recognized in other films as well. She appeared in the movie Enemy of the State in 1998 that starred Will Smith. She had another role as well in the film High Fidelity in 2000. However, many fans may still recognize her from the time she did the spin off series A Different World.

Current Personal Life

Lisa eloped with Lenny Kravitz in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 16, 1987. The two had a daughter born a year later on December 1, 1988. Things were not meant to go well for the couple however. The two broke up and got a divorce in 1992. At the time of the breakup Lisa’s fame had begun to fade as well.

She did date Bryan Kest in 1992 and even changed her named to Lilakoi Moon in 2005. She broke up with Bryan though and began to date Jason Momoa later that same year. The two were married in 2007. The two had two children together named Jason and Lola.

Where Are They Now

Lisa Bonnet’s career has begun to see a bit of an upheaval at the moment. She did choose to step away from acting for a time in order to focus on her family. However, she did make a return in the movie Enemy of the State in 1998. In 2000 she managed to land an important role in the film High Fidelity. Yet again in 2006 she co-starred in the film called Whitepaddy. Even appearing in the American adaption of the British TV series that is called Life on Mars.

While Lisa Bonnet’s career may not be the most glamorous one. She has still continued to pursue it, and is starting to make a comeback to reclaim her fame.