About BirthdayPedia

They say celebrities are just like us, but we know that’s not really true, is it? No… it’s not, But, most of us do have something in common with those A-listers we’re always watching on the big screen and elsewhere: our birthdays. Here at BirthdayPedia, we aim to be the one-stop place where you can find a number of celebrities born on your birthday, your mom’s birthday, and even your dog’s birthday. You’ll also find some fun information regarding your favorite stars, politicians and historical figures. You can find out if you share your birthday with Justin Timberlake, Vladimir Putin and Ghandi. Or you can learn about President Obama’s early years, who Matt Damon is married to, and Carole Lombard’s rise to fame. So let us officially welcome you to BirthdayPedia, where the birthday celebrations never stop.