Lily Aldrige is a beautiful American model. She’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel and has even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the 50th anniversary. She started modeling at a young age, but has been successful in her career ever since.

In the Beginning

Lily was born on November 15, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Right from the start it seems Lily was destined to pursue a career in fashion. She comes from a fashion background herself. Her father is the English artist Alan Aldridge, and her mother is Laura Lyons who is a former Playboy playmate. Her half broth works as a fashion photographer while her half sister and sister have each worked as models before.

From a young age, Lily enjoyed dressing up. She loved to play with clothes, and a huge influence for her was Mia Hanm at the time. In her younger years she was into soccer. Even wearing jersey shorts for the better part of her childhood. When she began to attend middle school she was into surfer fashion for a time.

It was not until high school Lily began to show an interest in fashion. She had to attend a Catholic school and wear a uniform. As Lily explains it from Vogue Page:

“I had to wear a uniform to school, so it was all about the shoes. That is how you identified yourself when you went to a Catholic school, by your shoes! I kind of liked the Adidas shell-toe sneakers. I was into rock ’n’ roll so I would also wear Dr. Martens, and cut-off jeans with a simple T-shirt.”

Lily didn’t start her modeling career however until she began to do ads for Abercrombie & Fitch. She has even done a few campaigns for Levi’s, Bobbi Brown, Gap, and many others.

Career Accomplishments

Lily Aldridge has continued to step up in her career. She did guest star on a television series called 2 Broke Girls, starring as herself. In 2015, she even became the face of Velvet Teens for  the designer of the clothing line Velvet done by Graham & Spencer.

Most Known For

Lily is well known for being Victoria’s Secret Angel. In 2009, she did her first walk for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The following year she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She did received her “wings” during the second show she did.

Current Personal Life

Eventually, Lily did meet the musician Caleb Followill from the and called Kings of Leon. The two met in 2007, and dated for a few years. They married in May 2011, and had their daughter Dixie Pearl a while later.

Where Are They Now

Lily Aldrige has continued to pursue her career as a model. She did guest star on a television series called 2 Broke Girls, starring as herself. In 2015, she has become the face of Velvet Tees. The designer clothing line that comes from Velvet by Graham & Spencer.

As she continues to pursue her career. Lily has shown a natural talent for what she does as a model. She had a natural inclination to the fashion industry as a child, and that passion has only grown through the years. She’s far from done too. Despite having a daughter she’s still very confident about not only her body, but herself as a person too. If Lily continues to pursue the career at the rate she’s going now. She will no doubt be able to establish herself as one of the top models in the industry. She has a lot of potential to grow and learn in her career.